We imported the original Zulu male direct from Africa in 2006. It was not until 2009 that we produced the very first Zulu in captivity. We coined the morph the Zulu because when she first emerged from the egg the pattern reminded us of a Zulu spearhead. We referred to this new morph by various names but it always seemed to come back to Zulu and that name finally stuck. This recessive morph is both a color and pattern mutation. Although there have been modest variations amongst the Zulu offspring we’ve produced, the overall color and pattern structure remains consistent.

In 2010 we produced the very first double recessive African Fat-Tail morph in captivity, which was the Caramel Zulu a combination of the Zulu and Caramel Albino (see Caramel Zulu). This morph offers incredible opportunity and we are thrilled to be working with it.

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